The Civil Society Resource Center (CSRC) was registered as a board-led Civil Society under Ethiopian law in July 2019.

The primary objective of CSRC is to identify and support emerging and existing CSOs, and thereby help to rebuild civil society in Ethiopia.

The CSRC aims to foster the development of a vibrant civil society in Ethiopia through research, advocacy, and dissemination of information for civil society actors. The CSRC focuses on human rights advocacy groups and civil society actors engaged in governance issues. The training and resource center provides much-needed support to rebuild CSOs, foster collaboration and cooperation, and provide a platform for networking among like-minded civil society leaders.

Currently, the Center hosts two local CSOs (Enat Ethiopia and the Consortium of Ethiopian Human Rights Organizations) and the Legal and Justice Affairs Advisory Council (LJAAC).


Hosting Services

One of the flagship projects of the CSRC is the hosting, mentoring, and launching of emerging CSOsThe Center provides multifaceted support to these initiatives

Provision of Working Space

We host potential CSO actors and their staff in our state-of-the-art facility equipped with high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and workspaces.

Logistical Support

We develop operational and financial manuals and formats for use by member CSOs. The Center also provides legal (including registration), financial, and logistics management support during the early phase following the launch of the CSOs.

Research Support

We support member CSOs to undertake research on emerging human rights issues and needs in these areas and map out potential actors.

Launching the CSO

We support each member CSO to organize at least one event (such as a workshop, a conference, or a launching program) during the incubation time.

Training and Mentorship

We train and mentor the future leaders of member CSOs on project cycle management, strategic planning, and program management.


CSRC engages in systematically tracking and documenting new legislation, directives, legal memos, etc., as well as organizing monthly training and information sessions in collaboration with the Agency of Civil Society Organizations in order to keep members of the civil society sector and the general public up-to-date on new directives, regulations, legal memos, registration and reporting procedures, and further legislation that will be promulgated under the new Civil Society Organization law.

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